Our History

Based in Portugal, World Tasty strives to source and produce healthy products in a sustainable way. We are a technologically advanced company that applies a scientific approach to the products it sells.

    To provide appreciators of the best flavors with the best products that nature can offer, enhanced through sustainability, technology and art.

    World Tasty aims to be the reference for organic products around the world, an innovative brand that facilitates and offers the best products, growing sustainably, becoming a leader in the supply of high quality healthy products.


    World Tasty is a brand that aims to improve the quality of life by prioritizing excellence through sustainability and transparency, creating long-term value for others. We are passionate about simplicity and constant improvement.


Each product comes from a place with its own story, and we want to provide the most direct link possible between our customers and that source. We want the experience of tasting some of our products to be built around the knowledge of who grew them, which variety, what is its origin, when it was harvested and how it got here.

Our offers they also reflect the seasonality of our products. Our team is in constant contact with our producers to evaluate and select the best products. Both at origin and at our stations, each batch is carefully tested and classified. Some of our products are seasonal harvests, each batch has limited availability and is therefore as fresh as possible, to provide our customers with the best possible consumption experience.